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Bajrang Dal

Hindu militant leader targets Muslims, says blood will flow in the streets of Delhi

In a viral video, a Hindu militant leader from the Bajrang Dal threatened to throw Muslims out of the country. He is seen leading a crowd outside the Nangloi police station and raising slogans against the Muslims, and asking the people to boycott them. “Hindu hitoñ ka khanan hua to Khoon bahega Sadkoñ pe (blood will flow on the streets),” the man can be heard sloganeering. 

Dozens of Muslim men including minors detained in Haryana

After far-right BJP-ruled Haryana witnessed brutal anti-Muslim violence during a procession by far-right groups, the Haryana Police have arrested close to 30 Muslim men including minors, leaving their families grieving. The police have neither explained the basis of the arrests nor have registered a legal complaint.

Priest debunks BJP leader’s false claim that instigated anti-Muslim violence in Nuh

The priest of Nalhar Mahadev temple denied the false claim of Haryana home minister Anil Vij, which stated that “3000-4000 persons were held hostage in a temple” by Muslim rioters during the violence in Nuh. However, his claim, which quickly circulated on social media, fueled violence against Muslims in the state.

During violence, Hindu militant leader orders targeting Muslims on Facebook live

A few hours before violence erupted in Haryana, Surendra Jain, a leader of the Hindu militant group Vishwa Hindu Parishad was present at a temple in Nuh where he delivered hate speech against Muslims, instigating the thousands of Hindus present there. After the eruption of violence, Hindu militant group Bajrang Dal’s leader Neeraj Vats went live on Facebook and ordered his supporters to target Muslims in other parts of the state.

Far-right Hindu leader threatens takeover of 400,000 mosques

Hatemonger and Editor-in-Chief of a rightwing television news network, Suresh Chavhanke, delivered a hate speech in BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi threatening a takeover of Muslim places of worship and converting 400,000 mosques into temples. 

He also threatened that if the court does not rule in favor of the Hindu takeover of the historic Gyanvapi mosque, Hindu extremist mobs are prepared to illegally demolish it. 

Modi govt suspends passports of Kashmiri journalists

The Indian government has suspended the passports of several Kashmiris, including journalists, in a move to stifle dissent in the region. Recently, officials suspended the passports of two Kashmir-based journalists and one local politician and activist.