“We won’t let Muslims live,” chant in Haryana rally - IAMC
Haryana rally

“We won’t let Muslims live,” chant Hindu militants in Haryana rally

As Haryana state continues to witness an outbreak of anti-Muslim mob violence, a mob of Hindu extremists, including members of the violent militant group Bajrang Dal, marched through the streets of Karnal city while shouting genocidal slogans.

In the video, the large group of men can be heard chanting, “We won’t let them say Allah, and we won’t let Muslims live.” 

Militant cow vigilante booked for inciting anti-Muslim violence in Nuh

Hindu militant and cow vigilante Bittu Bajrangi has been booked for inciting anti-Muslim violence through hate speech videos in Haryana, after the outbreak of violence led to the death of at least five people, including the murder of a 19-year-old imam.

The police report against Bajrangi states that viral videos of his hate speeches were deliberately uploaded and shared widely among Hindu extremists. However, Bajrangi has taunted the police after they declared they would hold responsible parties accountable.

“If you have the audacity, then imprison me or shoot me,” he said in a video statement. “Hindus are not weak. This is not Pakistan or Bangladesh.”

Hindu militant leader calls for violence, Muslim vendor beaten soon after

In Madhya Pradesh state, a leader of the Hindu militant group Vishwa Hindu Parishad openly called for violence against Muslims living in the town of Mewat. The militant leader, Kapil Swami, made his hateful remarks in police presence with no consequences.

Later, a group of Hindu extremists brutally attacked a Muslim street vendor while shouting slurs at him.