Hindu mob lynches Muslim man under claim of stealing chickpeas - IAMC

Hindu mob lynches Muslim man under claim of stealing chickpeas

A Muslim man was lynched to death by a Hindu extremist mob in Hindu supremacist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)- ruled Madhya Pradesh state under the accusation that he had stolen chickpeas. 

The victim, Sheikh Firoz, was found unconscious in a drainage channel with his body covered in stab wounds and bruises. He was taken to the hospital and died during treatment. 

Firoz’s family reported that when the violent Hindu extremists learned he was Muslim, they beat and stabbed him until he lost consciousness.

The disturbing incident occurred in Khandwa city, which was affected by severe anti-Muslim violence last year. Recent incidents of hate crimes against Muslims have also been reported in the region.

Armed mob attacked and vandalised mosque in Haryana’s Sonipat, injuring Muslims while they prayed

In an unproved attack, 15-20 armed men attacked a mosque where Muslims were offering prayers late on Sunday night. At least nine people were injured in the attack.

Photos of the armed men attacking people have been circulating after the incident. The attackers were seen holding bamboo sticks in their hands and roaming freely. The attackers reportedly belong to the same village where the incident took place.

The cause of the provocation is not clear. But the police have registered a first information report (FIR) against 19 people.

As per the police, the injured were admitted to the Civil Hospital in Sonipat.

Muslim high school student dies by suicide after constant Islamophobic abuse by teachers

A Muslim high school student died by suicide in Rajasthan state after being unable to bear the harassment and Islamophobic abuse from his teachers. The victim, Razzaq, died on January 31, but no action has been taken against the teachers who abused him to the point of suicide. 

According to his elder brother, Salim Khan, Razzaq was constantly being subjected to anti-Muslim hate speech by his teachers, who claimed he would “become a terrorist” because he was Muslim. 

A suicide note was also recovered by the police from the pocket of the deceased student, stating the incidents of the discrimination and the names of those responsible.

The tragic incident reveals how dangerous Hindu supremacism and anti-Muslim hatred have become in India at the institutional level. 

Hindu extremists slaughter cow, falsely implicate Muslims to incite violence

Hindu extremists from the Hindu supremacist group, Akhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha, killed a cow in BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh with the intention of stirring up violence against Muslims and falsely implicating three Muslim men for the crime.

Sanjay Jat, a leader of the Hindu supremacist group, has been identified as the prime suspect in the plot to carry out cow slaughter. The police said he and other Hindu supremacists often stopped vehicles transporting beef and extorted money by threatening to lodge police cases.

Police have said that the Hindu supremacists slaughtered a cow on the eve of the Hindu festival Ram Navami and falsely implicated three Muslim men – Mohammad Rizwan, Mohammad Nakim, and Mohammad Shanu – for the crime. 

While the investigation revealed that they had nothing to do with the crime, the Muslim men faced the threat of being attacked or murdered for the implication of cow slaughter.