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Hindu, Muslim Women Donate Kidneys To Save Each Other’s Husbands In Dehradun

When religious polarisation, discrimination based on identity, and stereotyping are brewing densely in the country’s air, we fail to understand the true essence of humanity. The story of Sushma Uniyal and Sultana Ali reminds us about the most important aspect of humanity – holding values of mutual love and respect towards each other.


…. The husbands of both women – Vikas Uniyal (50) and Ashraf Ali (51) were on dialysis and required urgent kidney donation…. It was in January, where Dr. Shahbaz Ahmed… said, “I was going through their files and realised that Sultana’s blood group matched Vikas’s and Sushma’s matched Ashraf’s…. they agreed to the plan. After conducting several tests, he realised that their organs could be swapped….


Sushma believed that the whole Hindu-Muslim divide was a matter of mindset. Their story has been a message to spread love and acceptance.