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Hindus told to stock up on weapons to kill Muslims and Christians

As part of a growing trend of genocidal hate speech across India, Hindu supremacists made open calls for the mass slaughter of Muslims and Christians in a series of hatemongering events organized in the capital city of Delhi. 

Hindu extremist speakers made several hateful remarks about Muslims, made brazen calls for violence against them, and called for establishing a Hindu nation, during an event that was attended by over 400 people.  

In a video of the event, which has been widely shared on social media, a Hindu extremist monk is seen asking Hindus to stock weapons to kill Muslims and Christians. 

“Knife will not work. Keep weapons at home. Kill Muslims and Christians. Weapon should be in one hand and scripture in the other,” said Hindu extremist Mahamandleshwar Swami Bhakt Hari Singh.

The Delhi Police, instead of taking action against the hate-mongers, sent a notice to the media outlet “Molitics” that reported on the genocidal speeches, demanding that they stop posting hateful content. No action, however, has been taken against the Hindu extremists who made calls for genocide. 

Prominent Hindu yoga teacher booked for hate speech against Muslims

A celebrity Hindu yoga teacher, Ramdev, has been booked a day after a video went viral where he is seen making a hate speech against Muslims and Christians in Rajasthan state. 

Ramdev claimed that the Muslims believe offering prayers redeems them from all sins, which leads them to terrorism.

“Ask a Muslim what your religion says, they will say that read [prayers] five times [a day] and then do whatever comes to mind. Whether you kidnap Hindu girls, do whatever sin you want to commit,” he said. 

The police booked him based on a complaint from a local resident, who stated that Ramdev made the remarks to intentionally create enmity and hatred against the vulnerable Muslim community. 

The Centre for Justice and Peace, a non-government organization, said that Ramdev’s comments were a “desperate attempt” to gain attention and fit in with his Hindu extremist counterparts. 

Court slams police investigation of Delhi violence, says Muslims were made scapegoats

A Delhi court has slammed the prosecution in cases filed against a number of prominent Muslim human rights defenders – including student leaders Sharjeel Imam, Safoora Zargar, Asif Iqbal Tanha, and eight others arrested for protesting India’s discriminatory citizenship laws in 2019 – saying that police were unable to apprehend the “actual perpetrators” of violence in relation to the protests, but made the accused persons “scapegoats.”

Hindu supremacist mobs were largely responsible for violence against Muslims peacefully protesting the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), a law that excludes Muslims from fast-tracked citizenship. However, Muslim student leaders were arrested and accused of encouraging violence. 

Judge Arul Varma noted that the prosecution had filed “ill-conceived chargesheets” in which the police arbitrarily chose to array “some people from the protesting crowd as accused and others as police witnesses.” This “cherry picking” is detrimental to the precept of fairness, he added.

The judge ruled that there was no prima facie evidence to suggest that the accused persons were part of a mob that launched violence, nor were they holding any weapons or throwing stones. 

The court also said that the police should have gathered credible intelligence and used technology for investigation rather than making the accused persons “scapegoats” and galvanizing resources to prove charges against them.