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Hindutva extremism on the rise and moving online 



More evidence has emerged of a relentless campaign of persecution against Indian Christians after a video was released showing a Christian woman being forced to burn an image of Jesus by a mob of Hindu extremists.


In the video the men accuse the woman of being like a prostitute, claiming she was bribed to become a Christian. They tell her: “You should worship our gods and goddesses.”  A second video from the same incident shows the Hindu nationalist mob, some wearing saffron headscarves, chanting “Hail Lord Ram” as a group of Christians are led away by police.


The steady stream of video evidence out of India is not the product of victims or witnesses, but of perpetrators. Groups of vigilantes espousing a radical Hindutva (Hindu Nationalist) ideology harass and attack Christians, especially in rural areas, take away their phones and then themselves film their crimes and openly post them on social media as propaganda designed to terrify minority groups….