Hindutva outfit forming 'group of 1000 warriors' for each district across India - IAMC
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Hindutva outfit forming ‘group of 1000 warriors’ for each district across India



Messages, which call for violence against Muslims, are being circulated on social media through WhatsApp groups…. One such audio recording, which is a conversation call between a woman and a man, is also being shared on WhatsApp. In the audio, two people can be heard speaking about the “movement” to unite Hindus against Muslims….


The woman speaking in the audio tells that she hails from the Janakpuri area of Delhi and the other voice introduces himself as Sanjay Vashisht, National Secretary of a Hindutva outfit, hailing from Uttarakhand. The woman keeps instigating over the call and asks, “What is stopping Hindus from unleashing violence on Muslims?…


The man on the other side says that they are continuously working to create not only forces but an army which will fight Muslims. “We have created armies in 12 districts of India so far and my motive is to create similar armies in 726 districts of India,” he says….