"I was asked to perform sodomy," 2 Muslim youth from Jharkhand allege 'police torture' in custody, demand action against accused policemen - IAMC
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“I was asked to perform sodomy,” 2 Muslim youth from Jharkhand allege ‘police torture’ in custody, demand action against accused policemen

Two young Muslim men Abdul Khalid alias Aarzu (25) and Mohammad Aurangzeb (30) had the most horrifying experience of their life on August 26 in Kadma police station in Jamshedpur city of the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand. They are the residents of Block no 2, Shastrinagar, which falls under the same police station.

After he was released on the night of August 26, Mohammad Aurangzeb has this dreadful story to tell: “After both of us were beaten and tortured in the police station, Aarzu was asked to lay on the ground in the Munshi’s room. I was asked to pull his pants down. I thought they were asking me to show me his injuries. As I pulled down his pants, the policemen asked me do ‘sambhog’ (sodomy) with Aarzu. I started crying and told them to kill me but do not force me to do this Gunah (sin). I was told, ‘If you would not do this, he would do that to you.’ When I totally refused, I was beaten with boots on my face.”

This was allegedly done in the room of Munshi of the police station in the presence of Station House Officer (SHO) Manoj Thakur. Both Aurangzeb and Aarzu allege that seven other policemen including Sub Inspector Harshvardhan and Nitish Thakur were involved….