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India’s religious warfare – By Katherine Jimenez




One year after India saw itself close to civil war, justice for the victims of the Delhi riots has been slow. At least 53 were killed in the religious violence in February 2020 after the passage of a new citizenship law caused mobs and counter-protests to clash in the streets of Delhi. Indian Muslims called out the bill for its anti-Muslim language, the government stating otherwise….


Anti-Muslim violence resulted in destroyed mosques, cars on fire and skirmishes in mixed neighborhoods where residents had previously lived peacefully. Photographic and video evidence even showed police siding with Hindu extremists, some taking part in the beating of Muslims.


It’s clear that the BJP has been singling out Islam’s followers in the Hindu-majority nation…. Identified attackers of the Delhi riots have not even been punished for their crimes due to a lack of police interest; victims claiming that the New Delhi police have gone easy on Hindus and that propaganda has spurred more hatred between the communities….

India’s religious warfare