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Letter of Support for Teaneck Democrat Municipal Committee

NEW JERSEY, (Oct. 24, 2022) – “Leading US-based civil rights organizations issue letter of support for the Teaneck Municipal Democrat Committee for its resolution seeking an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) into various organizations for their linkage with Hindu supremacist organization, the RSS, in India.”


Letter of Support for Teaneck Democratic Municipal Committee

Released by:

  • Northern New Jersey Jewish Voice for Peace (NNJ JVP)
  • Hindus for Human Rights
  • Council on American-Islamic Relations (New Jersey)
  • Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations of North America
  • International Commission for Dalit Rights
  • Indian American Muslim Council
  • International Society for Peace and Justice
  • Council on Minority Rights in India
  • Center for Pluralism
  • World Without Genocide
  • Dalit Solidarity
  • American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) New Jersey

We, the undersigned, support the Teaneck Democratic Municipal Committee (TDMC), which passed a resolution on September 12, 2022 warning of the dangers of Hindu nationalist hate organizations and calling for steps to combat their activities in New Jersey and across the United States.

Based on recent events in Edison and Ridgewood, New Jersey, TDMC understood the impact that lack of knowledge about extremist groups and their supporters has on elected officials, religious organizations, and communities. TDMC’s resolution is a much-needed intervention to tackle the challenges posed to freedoms in the US by Hindu supremacist hate and bigotry. US-based groups that adhere to these hate-filled ideologies have been known for their connections with India’s Nazi-inspired fascist organization, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), whose offshoots and affiliates carry out mass violence against India’s religious minorities, especially Christians and Muslims, as well as lower-caste Hindus.

Hindu nationalism, also known as Hindutva, is a 100-year-old political ideology that is premised on Hindu supremacy and the exclusion of non-Hindus. It is distinct from Hinduism, a millennia-old religion of service and harmony followed by millions around the world.

The repressive ideology of Hindutva has been globally condemned for its relentless violence against non-Hindus. It was also the subject of an online conference, titled “Dismantling Global Hindutva,” organized in 2021 and sponsored by centers and departments at dozens of US-based universities and academic institutions, including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Princeton, Cornell, and Columbia. The conference gained support from over 1,100 academics from around the world. Hindu nationalist organizations in the US and beyond targeted this conference and many of its sponsors.

About 1.3 million emails were sent to the sponsors warning them against continuing with the conference. Participants were emailed threats of violence, including rape and death.

On August 14, 2022, participants at the annual India Independence Day Parade in Edison, New Jersey, organized by the Indian Business Association (IBA), were outraged to see a bulldozer as a float. The IBA apologized for the use of the bulldozer, calling it “blatantly divisive” as it symbolizes illegal demolitions of properties of minorities in India.

On September 10, 2022, Old Paramus Reformed Church in Ridgewood revoked approval to use the church building for a fundraising event featuring Hindu nationalist, Sadhvi Rithambara, following a public outcry.

The TDMC’s resolution has justly urged US Senators from New Jersey, Bob Menendez, and Cory Booker; US Congressman Josh Gottheimer; and New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy to ask the CIA and FBI to research the role of foreign hate groups with tax-exempt domestic branches in sending the thousands of emails to academic institutions and scholars regarding the DismantlingHindutva.com conference.

The TDMC’s resolution also seeks to restrict US visas to controversial foreign leaders who promote hate and violence on speaking and fundraising tours in the US. The resolution also urges Senators Bob Menendez and Cory Booker and Congressman Josh Gottheimer to co-sponsor and pass US House Resolution 1196 (Condemn human rights violations and violation of international principles of religious freedom in India).

Attempts by US-based Hindu supremacists to browbeat TDMC for its courageous resolution must be condemned and opposed. It is the duty of elected officials in the US and in New Jersey to be educated about extremist groups, oppose supremacy and bigotry, inform the public, and protect communities from hate.

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