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Maliana-Meerut Carnage: 34 Years of Injustice – By Qurban Ali 



This year marks the 34th anniversary of the ghastly killings of Hashimpura Mohalla and Maliana village of Meerut district in which more than a hundred twenty Muslims were killed by the U.P.s notorious Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) and other custodial killings of more than 12 Muslims in Meerut and Fatehgarh jails. There has been no justice even after three decades….


One of the most shameful chapters of human callousness and the biggest event of custodial killings in independent India was enacted in the Hashimpura area. It would appear by then that sufficient contingents of police and PAC had been inducted into Meerut. It was not clear but it seems that some decision was taken at the ‘top’ to spread terror in the Hashimpura area. Pursuant to this on May 22, Hashimpura was surrounded by the PAC and the Army….


They were arrested together and taken in a truck to Muradnagar and when the truck reached the upper Ganga canal, they were shot by the PAC and their bodies thrown into the canal. More than 20 bodies were found floating in the canal. The second installment of the same incident took place after an hour or so at the Hindon river near the Delhi-U.P. border where the rest of the Muslim youth arrested from Hashimpura were killed on the point-blank range and their bodies dumped in a similar manner….