Militant leader says Kabah is a “temple,” urges Hindus to capture Makkah - IAMC

Militant leader says Kabah is a “temple,” urges Hindus to capture Makkah

Prominent Hindu militant leader and serial hatemonger Yati Narsinghanand made offensive remarks referring to the Kabah in Makkah as a “temple” that Hindus must capture in order to defeat Islam and the Muslims.

He went on to frivolously associate the Zamzam spring in Makkah, which Muslims believe produces holy water, to the Ganges River and the Hindu deity Lord Mahadev. 

“Hindu Rashtra (nation) is a dream, we will not only capture but also Makkah… Mahadev’s Ganga flows in the form of Zamzam there,” he said adding, “If you don’t capture the Makkeshwar Mandir (Makkah Temple), no power on earth can defeat Islam.”

A known associate of Hindus supremacist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders, Narsinghanand has an ongoing track record of making vitriolic anti-Muslim hate speeches and supporting other extremists who called for a genocide of two million Muslims. Despite being previously arrested on hate speech charges, he continues to walk free despite repeatedly violating his bail conditions. 

Federal education body removes negative references to RSS from textbooks

India’s federal body for educational research has removed facts from school textbooks related to the violent history of the prominent Hindu paramilitary group Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), including the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi by a former RSS member. 

Other negative references to the Hindu militant group have also been removed, including quotes about the impact that Gandhi’s death had on communal tensions in the country, leading to a nationwide ban on the RSS. 

The news comes days after the federal body removed numerous sections from textbooks including parts on the Muslim-ruled Mughal empire, democracy, and popular movements.

Hindu extremists assault Muslim man for talking to Hindu woman in Karnataka

A mob of violent Hindu extremists assaulted a Muslim man for talking with a Hindu woman in BJP-ruled Karnataka state.

Mohammad Zahir, 22, was traveling on a bus and spotted his friend, a Hindu woman. He sat next to her and spoke with her. After the woman left, a mob of Hindu extremists were waiting at the next bus stop for Zahir. They dragged him out and brutally assaulted him. 

Zahir has now been hospitalized.

Police have booked four Hindu extremists – Nithesh, Sachin, Dinesh and Avinash – who were involved in the assault. 

Hindu supremacist vigilante mobs have begun policing benign interactions between Muslim men and Hindu women, accusing Muslim men of plotting to convert Hindu women to Islam through a conspiracy theory known as “Love Jihad.” Muslim men have been beaten, publicly humiliated, and arrested for doing as little as speaking to Hindu women friends or coworkers.