Modi govt bans Eid prayers at Kashmir’s Jamia Masjid - IAMC
Kashmir’s Jamia Masjid

Modi govt bans Eid prayers at Kashmir’s Jamia Masjid for sixth consecutive year

The management body of Jamia Masjid, the largest mosque in Kashmir, has reported that the Hindu supremacist Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government has denied permission for Eid prayers in the mosque for the sixth time in a row. Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, who delivers sermons and leads the prayer in the mosque, was also placed under house arrest.

The mosque remained closed for months after the abrogation of Kashmir’s autonomous status in August 2019. 

Muslim families suffer on streets after homes demolished 

Around 50 people have been left homeless after the homes of 11 Muslim families were demolished in Mandla, Madhya Pradesh. The homes were bulldozed as collective punishment after police claimed they had found beef stored in the families’ refrigerators.

“We have been on the road for the last two days. All the belongings are spread on the ground. Children are crying in pain due to the heat. At least 50 members of 11 families have come on the road. We haven’t eaten anything for the last 2 days,” one of the victims said.

Amnesty International has slammed India’s use of bulldozers to mete out collective punishment against minority communities a violation of international human rights law.

New textbooks remove mention of Babri Mosque, call it “3-domed structure”

The new political science textbook released by India’s federal education body does not mention by name the historic Babri Mosque, which was violently demolished by Hindu militant mobs in 1992. Instead, the text makes only a vague reference to the mosque, calling it a “three-domed structure.” Passages on the demolition of the mosque were also cut from four pages to two.

The old textbook refers to the Babri mosque as a 16th century mosque built by Mughal emperor Babur’s General Mir Baqi. Now, the new book, which hit markets this week, refers to it as “a three-dome structure (that) was built at the site of Hindu deity Ram’s birthplace in 1528.” It also falsely claims that “the structure had visible displays of Hindu symbols and relics in its interior as well as its exterior portions.”

Hindu extremist leaders threaten violence, boycott against Muslims

In Bhiwandi, Maharashtra, BJP leader T. Raja Singh delivered a dangerous speech against Muslims with explicit threats of violence. He promoted anti-Muslim conspiracy theories, called for an economic boycott of Muslims, and demonized Rohingya refugees. In Pune, Maharashtra, Hindu supremacist leader Pandit Dada Modak delivered a hate speech against Muslims and advocated for economic and social boycott

In Mount Abu, Rajasthan, leaders of the Hindu supremacist group Anyarrashtriya Hindu Parishad delivered hate speeches targeting Muslims and Christians. In Karnataka, Hindu supremacist leader Chakravarthy Sulibele delivered a speech promoting hostility towards Muslims and other minorities.