Modi govt implements law aimed at stripping Muslim citizenship - IAMC

Modi govt implements law aimed at stripping Muslim citizenship

On the first day of Ramadan, the Muslim holy month, India’s Hindu extremist government announced rules to implement the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), a discriminatory law aimed at stripping Muslims of their citizenship en masse. 

Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and other human rights groups have described the CAA as bigoted against Muslims, with Amnesty International slamming the law as “against the constitutional values of equality and international human rights law.” 

Eight-year-old Muslim student threatened with homicide by Hindu classmates  

An 8-year-old Muslim student Faizaan Mohammad, was abused and threatened by his Hindu classmates at a school in BJP-ruled Gujarat’s Baroda. His classmates verbally abused him saying, “All Muslims are dirty” and “We allowed you to live in this country, otherwise you would be begging somewhere with a bowl.” The students also threatened to kill him if he reported the incident, saying, “We will slit your throat and give it in your hands”.  

Faizan also experienced physical abuse and was hit with a bottle on his head right above the neck. The school administration has taken no action against the students.

Muslim vegetable vendor beaten up for talking to female Hindu customer

In Maharashtra state, a Muslim vegetable vendor, Ayaan Bagwan, was abducted by a group of Hindu extremists who accused him of “love jihad” for talking to a female Hindu customer. The mob brutally beat him and forced him to chant the Hindu supremacist warcry “Jai Shri Ram”, which is commonly associated with mob lynchings. 

Officials demolish Muslim shrine overnight in Gujarat

In far-right BJP-ruled Gujarat’s Junagadh, officials started demolishing a Muslim shrine at around 2:00 AM and concluded by 5 in the morning. This is the latest in a series of incidents where Muslim places of worship have been destroyed at odd hours to prevent protests. 

Last week, in Uttar Pradesh’s Raebareli, officials demolished a Muslim shrine and an idgah, a space used for communal prayer. Recently, six Muslims were killed by police fire in Uttarakhand’s Haldwani, amid clashes between protestors and police over the demolition of a mosque and Islamic seminary. 

Police open fire at alleged “cattle smugglers,” victims sustains bullet wound

In separate incidents across BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh’s Kaushambi, Pratapgarh and Firozabad, police fired gunshots at three alleged “cattle smugglers,” who sustained bullet injuries in their legs. These incidents are the latest in an ongoing trend of violent attacks against predominantly Muslim cattle traders by law enforcement. Over the last month, multiple instances of injuries have occurred due to police firing.

Meanwhile, in Nashik, Maharashtra, Hindu extremist cow vigilantes thrashed a truck driver for transporting cattle.

Hindu supremacists spread anti-Muslim conspiracies among school students

A Hindu supremacist group, Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, organized an anti-Muslim hate speech event at a school in BJP-ruled Gujarat’s Vadodara, where they promoted conspiracy theories like “halal jihad and “love jihad”. Last week, at a school in Uttar Pradesh, a Hindu religious preacher demonized Muslims and Christians and called for them to be converted to Hinduism. In Madhya Pradesh, Hindu supremacists organized a training camp to teach Hindu children to fight using canes.