Muslim man beaten by Hindu militants over coaching center fees - IAMC

Muslim man beaten by Hindu militants over coaching center fees

Ibrar Ansari, a Muslim man who runs a coaching center in the capital city of Delhi, was beaten by members of the Hindu militant group, Vishwa Hindu Parishad. 

In a video that surfaced online, Ansari’s younger brother, Irfan, reports that the militants attacked after a Hindu student’s parent complained about a dispute over fees. However, the Hindu militants alleged that the Muslim teachers were forcibly converting students to Islam.

Hindu man arrested for anti-Muslim hate speech on social media

A Hindu man, Arpit Solanki, uploaded inflammatory videos on his social media App Instagram targeting Muslims living in India.

In a viral video, Arpit is seen wearing a saffron scarf and raising derogatory slogans against Muslims in a moving bus while a group of men repeat after him amid cheers. Recently, another Hindu man, Yogendra Prakash, was arrested after he shared an offensive Facebook post with a morphed photo of a pig placed on an image of the Kaaba, the holy pilgrimage site for Muslims. 

Over the past few years, hate speech targeting Muslims has become a concerning trend on various social media platforms in India.

Hindu supremacist leader openly calls for anti-Muslim violence 

In Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh, a Hindu supremacist leader from the Antarrashtriya Hindu Parishad (AHP), Muniraj Singh, delivered a dangerous speech with calls to violence against Muslims.