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Muslim man lynched

Muslim man lynched by brutal Hindu extremist mob

A Muslim man was lynched and another injured after they were brutally assaulted by a violent mob of Hindu extremists in Maharashtra state.

The hate crime victim has been identified as Lukman Suleman Ansari (20).

The incident took place on June 8 when Ansari and two of his associates, Aqueel Gavandi and Pappu Paddi, were transporting cattle in a vehicle. They were brutally attacked by a mob of 10-15 Hindu extremists.

Ansari managed to escape his attackers, but was found dead two days later in a 150-meter-deep trench. Post-mortem report showed that Ansari died due to injuries he sustained on his head and other parts of the body.

Hindu militant mobs have increasingly been targeting Muslims over baseless accusations of crime. These mobs, also known as cow vigilantes, are known for attacking and often lynching Muslims accused of transporting cattle or consuming beef with impunity. 

School loses recognition, partly demolished after allegations by Hindu supremacists

A school in Hindu supremacist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-ruled Madhya Pradesh state faced administrative action and was de-recognized after Hindu supremacists baselessly claimed that non-Muslim girls were forced to wear hijabs or headscarves.

Government officials demolished a part of the school, claiming that it was illegally constructed. The school has been de-recognized and the principal along with two others have been arrested.

The school was mired in controversy after a poster last month celebrating the school’s success in school exams was put up outside the premises, showing non-Muslim students in headscarves.

The school has been running since 2010. After the cases came to the fore, the school’s president, Mohammad Idris, told reporters that no rule or dress was imposed forcefully on any student. He said a provision was made in the school uniform that girl students could voluntarily wear the scarf. 

Hindu supremacist leader spews hatred against Muslims, incites violence

Serial hatemonger and Hindu supremacist leader Kajal Hindustani has again spewed hatred against Muslims and called for their economic and social boycott.

At an event for Hindu women, Hindustani called on the audience to take up weapons for their own protection. “There should be a big movement so that these Jihadis (Muslims) get so scared that they do not dare to abduct any Hindu girl.”

“When these snakes shed their skin, they will come out as Jihadis only,” she said.

She also exaggerated differences between Hindu and Muslim cultures and made baseless and derogatory claims about Muslims and their way of life.