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Muslims forced to close shops, threatened with expulsion in Uttarakhand

In far-right BJP-ruled Uttarakhand’s Dharchula, a trade body canceled the membership of 91 traders, mostly Muslims, and forced them to shut down their shops. The Muslims were also threatened with expulsion from the town. 

This act of collective punishment was enforced after reports that two minor girls were abducted by shopkeepers in the area. Last year, in Purola, Hindu supremacist groups called for all Muslims to be expelled from the town, after an alleged elopement. 

Hindu extremists assault Muslim man for alleged cattle transport

Hindu extremist cow vigilante group leader Sarpanch Virender Gujjar assaulted a Muslim truck driver and forced him to chant the Hindu supremacist warcry “Jai Sri Ram” for transporting cattle.

Hindu militant mobs have increasingly been targeting Muslims over baseless accusations of committing crimes. These mobs, also known as cow vigilantes, attack and often lynch Muslims accused of transporting cattle or consuming beef. 

Event held in Delhi in support of demolishing historic Shahi Idgah mosque

In the capital city of Delhi, Hindu supremacist monk Dhirendra Krishna Shastri incited fear and hate towards Muslims at an event held in support of taking over the historic Shahi Idgah mosque in Uttar Pradesh.

Across the country, Hindu extremists have been demanding the demolition of major historic mosques and calling for them to be replaced with Hindu temples.