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Muslim shrines

Officials demolish multiple Muslim shrines across Gujarat

Civic officials in far-right Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-ruled Gujarat demolished multiple Muslim shrines across several villages in the state. This spree of demolitions comes just days after a Muslim shrine in Junagadh was demolished overnight. 

Earlier, officials demolished three madrassas, alleging that the structures had been built “illegally”. Throughout India, Muslim places of worship have been targets of inhumane demolition drives as a form of collective punishment. 

BJP minister hosts Hindu extremist monk who has called for a genocide of Muslims

An Indian federal minister associated with the far-right BJP, Nitin Gadkari, held a private meeting with Hindu extremist monk Acharya Paramhans, who has repeatedly called for the genocide of Muslims.

In an interview with the Indian publication Times Express, Acharya said, “I requested Narendra Modi to make me the Prime Minister of India for one day, preferably Friday (a Muslim holy day), and I shall cleanse this country of Muslims.”

BJP leader participates in anti-Muslim hate speech rally in Uttarakhand

In BJP-ruled Uttarakhand’s Haridwar, Hindu supremacist group Bharat Raksha Manch organized a hate speech rally against the anti-Muslim conspiracy theories of “love jihad and land jihad”. BJP leader Trivendra Singh Rawat also delivered a virtual speech at the event.

Hindu supremacist groups have been organizing rallies across the country promoting anti-Muslim conspiracy theories among Hindus to incite hate and fear against Muslims. 

Hindu supremacists gather in support of police who assaulted Muslim worshippers

Members of Hindu supremacist groups gathered in support of a now-suspended police official who was caught on camera kicking and punching Muslim worshippers offering prayers in the capital city of Delhi.

Last week, the police officer was captured on video assaulting Muslims while they were offering Friday prayers on the roadside.