On Day of Eid, Muslim Youths in Bhopal Help Poor Hindu Man Cremate His Mother - IAMC

On Day of Eid, Muslim Youths in Bhopal Help Poor Hindu Man Cremate His Mother

As people across the country celebrated Eid on Friday, some Muslim youths in Bhopal helped out a Hindu man whose mother had succumbed to an illness even as most of the people decided to stay away for fear of contracting COVID-19. The only son of the family was clueless when his 80-year-old ailing mother died on Friday and no one came forward to help him.

The Muslim youths not only helped the man cremate his mother but also helped him arrange an ambulance for taking the body to local crematorium. The incident happened in Muslim dominated Koh-e-Fiza area of Bhopal.

Locals were busy in Eid preparations after offering namz when they learnt that Sundariya Bai, a Chhattisgarh native, died after prolonged illness. The woman used to live with her son in a shanty. The son, who works as a labourer, had no money to cremate his mother.

On learning about his situation, local youths arranged an ambulance to take the body to Chhola crematorium, and also bore the expenses of the last rites performed in accordance with the Hindu tradition.

Md Saddam, one of the youths who helped in carrying the body, told News18 that religion only preaches one to help other irrespective of religious lines. By sharing someone’s sorrow on Eid, we only engaged in ibadat, he added. Naheen Khan, another local who was engaged in the kind act, claimed that humanity was the biggest religion which they tries practicing on Eid.

This story first appeared on News18