Over 1000 Muslim-owned structures demolished in Haryana - IAMC

Over 1000 Muslim-owned structures demolished in Haryana

Around 1,208 structures, overwhelmingly owned by Muslims, were subjected to arbitrary demolition over a five-day period by officials of BJP-ruled Haryana state after the anti-Muslim violence that broke out in Nuh district during a procession by Hindu militant groups. These demolitions encompassed 11 towns and hamlets, spanning 37 sites and covering 72.1 acres. The impact of these demolitions was widespread, affecting over a thousand Muslims, including Rohingya refugees and migrant laborers.

Elderly Muslim man dies after a midnight police raid

Jabbar Khan, a 52-year-old Muslim man, died after a midnight raid at his house in Haryana’s Nuh district. Khan’s family claimed he died after being beaten by the police. The raid was conducted in relation to a complaint that had been lodged against Muslim residents, including minors in parts of Haryana, after the recent anti-Muslim violence.

Far-right Hindu leader delivers anti-Muslim hate speech at a university

A far-right Hindu leader Kajal Shingla, delivered hate speech against Muslims at the UKA Tarsadia University in BJP-ruled Gujarat state. She peddled conspiracy theories and false claims against Muslims to a large audience of students. 

Hindu extremists threaten violence against Muslims amid police presence

In BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh’s Khandwa, Hindu militants raised anti-Muslim slogans in front of the police. “Jihadiyoñ (Musalmano) ki Qabr khudegi Khandwa ki is dharti par (The graves of Jihadis [Muslims] will be dug in the land of Khandwa),” they said.

They also burnt an effigy with “Jihadi” written on it. Later that day, a Hindu extremist threatened to chop off Muslims in front of a mosque, and others participating in the religious procession attacked and vandalized Muslim-owned properties.

Far-right Hindu leader accused of murder delivers hate speech in Jharkhand

Hindu far-right leader Bhairav Singh delivers hate speech demonizing Muslims and calls for their boycott in Jharkhand state. Last year, he was a prime accused in the murder of a Muslim boy who died of gunshot injuries.