Over 90 Muslim homes demolished near Hindu religious landmark - IAMC
Muslim homes demolished

Over 90 Muslim homes demolished near Hindu religious landmark

Officials in Uttar Pradesh’s Mathura city demolished over 90 houses in a predominantly Muslim neighborhood, Nai Basti. Nai Basti is situated merely 600 meters from the spot claimed by some to be the Hindu deity Krishna’s birthplace. Along with mosques, Muslim-owned homes and businesses have been targeted in illegal demolition drives in states led by the Hindu supremacist BJP.

Hindu extremists march with axes and swords on streets

In Gujurat’s Ahmedabad, members of the Hindu militant outfit Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) flashed swords on the street during a Hindu religious procession. During a similar procession in Madhya Pradesh’s Satna, Hindu extremists marched publicly with swords and axes.

The growing weaponization of violent Hindu supremacists has become an increasingly dangerous threat to Muslims as violent anti-Muslim hate speech continues to be propagated throughout India. 

Hindu extremists raise Hindu religious slogans in Muslim neighborhood 

Hindu far-right supporters held a rally after midnight through a Muslim neighborhood in Maharashtra’s Thane, chanting the Hindu religious slogan “Jai Shri Ram”. The slogan has been used as a warcry by Hindu militants during violent attacks against Muslims, including mob lynchings, riots, and cow vigilante cases.