Police arrest 21, including women, amid crackdown against Rohingya refugees - IAMC

Police arrest 21, including women, amid crackdown against Rohingya refugees

In a crackdown against Rohingya refugees and those allegedly facilitating their stay, police in Jammu have arrested 21 people, including women, and booked several others.

Police claim that the refugees had “illegally procured” Indian documents like domicile certificates. Around 271 Rohingya refugees, including 144 women and children, are currently being held in sub-jails in inhumane conditions as the Hindu right in India grows increasingly hostile towards Muslim refugees and migrants.

Hindu supremacist leader calls for India’s capital city Delhi to be “Muslim-free”

Speaking in the capital city of New Delhi, Hindu supremacist group Maharana Pratap Sena leader Rajvardhan Singh Parmar called for a “Muslim-free Delhi”, just three years after a bloody pogrom in the city that resulted in the death of dozens of Muslims at the hands of Hindu lynch mobs. 

Sena also demanded that cities and towns with Muslim names be renamed with Hindu names across the capital city. The changes are aimed at erasing Muslim history, influence, and contributions.  

Hindu extremist monk calls Islam and Christianity “top enemies” of Hinduism

In a recent viral video that circulated on social media, extremist monk Swami Sachchidanand Maharaj was seen claiming that Islam and Christianity are the “top enemies of Hinduism.”

During his address at an event held in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Maharaj advocated for a social and economic boycott of Muslims. 

“Alert and caution your children to only be friends with a fellow Hindu,” he said.