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Police brutally torture, rob Muslim men over alleged cattle transport

In Amravati, Maharashtra, four police officials tortured two Muslim men, Sheikh Afsar Nazir Ahmed and Abdul Jameel Abdul Salim, over allegations of transporting cattle. 

The victims say that they were beaten using a belt and robbed of over 1000 USD.

BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh is witnessing a trend of violent attacks against predominantly Muslim cattle traders by law enforcement. Multiple such injuries have occurred on a near-weekly basis due to police firings. 

Officials bulldoze shanties of evicted Muslim families in BJP-ruled Assam 

Authorities in Hindu supremacist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-ruled Assam state demolished makeshift shanties of about 2000 evicted families, most of them Muslim, in order to make way for an agricultural project in the Dholpur area. 

After a series of demolitions by the government in 2021, civic officials allowed evicted Muslim families to make their makeshift homes in the Dholpur area. However, as part of the ongoing “relocation drive”, their shanties were demolished without any prior notice. Locals say they have not been allotted an alternate land to settle in. 

Muslims across states find their names missing from electoral rolls

Across India, Muslim voters have found their names deleted from the electoral roll without notice during election season, driving up concern that the BJP is deliberately suppressing Muslim voters. 

In Gujarat, the names of 700 Muslim voters were deleted before this election after their homes were razed last year. Similar allegations of deletion of Muslims names in Uttar Pradesh’s Sitapur have surfaced with residents saying over a hundred Muslim voters’ names were missing. 

BJP minister refers to Muslims as “infiltrators” from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan

At an election rally in far-right BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh, BJP minister and Hindu militant monk Yogi Adityanath referred to Indian Muslims as “infiltrators from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan.”

Adityanath also repeated Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Islamophobic propaganda claim that the opposition Congress party plans to take Hindus’ assets and “give [them] to infiltrators from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, and also the Rohingya.“

Despite multiple complaints against the anti-Muslim campaign launched by BJP leaders, the federal body regulating elections in India has taken no action.