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Friday Prayer

Principal suspended for allowing Muslim students to pray in Lucknow school

In Lucknow, a primary school principal was suspended for allegedly allowing a group of Muslim students to hold Friday prayers at a designated prayer area within the school premises.

The principal, Meera Yadav, was suspended with immediate effect after a video of the students offering prayers was circulated widely, sparking Hindu supremacist backlash. 

Hindu extremist group assaults Muslim man over interfaith relationship

In Madhya Pradesh state, members of the Hindu supremacist group Hindu Jagran Manch assaulted a Muslim man for having an interfaith relationship. The man was accused of “Love Jihad,” a conspiracy theory manufactured by Hindu supremacists that claims Muslim men have an agenda to seduce and convert Hindu women to Islam.   

Cow vigilantes harass elderly Muslim man for carrying packet of beef

A video taken in Gujarat state’s Surat shows a mob of Hindu cow vigilantes harassing an elderly Muslim man for allegedly carrying a packet of beef. The Muslim man was traveling on his motorbike when the Hindu extremists surrounded him, forced him to pull over, and began searching through his belongings.