Statement on Investigation into Edison Bulldozer Parade - IAMC
Rahul Gandhi

Statement on Middle Prosecutor’s Office Investigation into Edison Bulldozer Parade

Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC), a Washington DC-based nonprofit organization dedicated to social justice, peace, and pluralism, has welcomed the results of a joint investigation conducted by Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office and Edison Police Department into the use of a bulldozer at the India Independence Day parade in Edison, NJ last August.

The Prosecutor’s Office has conclusively established and called the use of a bulldozer— a symbol of Muslim home demolitions in India — a bias incident.

“As a result of its investigation, the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office has concluded that the incident was properly reported and classified as a bias incident,” reads the press release issued by the Prosecutor’s office.

Last year, the Indian Business Association (IBA), organizers of the parade, had publicly apologized and confessed that the bulldozer was a “blatant devise symbol” and its use was hateful.

We reiterate our support for the Teaneck Democratic Municipal Committee (TDMC), which passed a resolution on September 12, 2022, warning of the dangers of Hindu nationalist hate organizations and calling for steps to combat their activities in New Jersey and across the United States.

We demand that the state and federal government open an investigation into various US-based groups for their linkage with the Hindu supremacist organization, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), in India.