'The Bubble Called Arnab Has Burst. Is BJP Up Next?' - By Pawan Khera - IAMC
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‘The Bubble Called Arnab Has Burst. Is BJP Up Next?’ – By Pawan Khera

The ‘Arnab Goswami bubble’ has burst. The WhatsApp chats that are in the public domain are a part of the chargesheet filed by the Mumbai Police in a case related to the alleged TRP scam being investigated by them.

What emerges from these chats has less to do with the man seemingly at the centre of the controversy; Arnab Goswami is only incidental to the story. But this is not about an individual; it’s about the levels to which some of our institutions have been corroded.

The story uncovers the levels of ‘match-fixing’ that have been indulged in, in order to immortalise certain ‘bubbles’. The Arnab Goswami chats are a small window into how the mythology of Modi is built day after day, night after night, prime time after prime time for those who can still afford to be gullible….