Top BJP Leaders Among 'Illegal Occupants' of Govt Housing in Jammu and Kashmir - IAMC
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Top BJP Leaders Among ‘Illegal Occupants’ of Govt Housing in Jammu and Kashmir

More than 10 former ministers and ex-legislators of the BJP are among the politicians who are “unauthorisedly” residing in ministerial bungalows and quarters in Jammu and Kashmir. This revelation assumes more significance as it comes closer on the heels of the BJP’s concerted campaign targeting the leaders of regional parties in Kashmir for “benefitting” from the Roshini land law.

The details of “illegal occupants” of government accommodation have come to the fore after Jammu and Kashmir’s estates’ department filed an affidavit in the high court.

According to the affidavit submitted by the estates’ department on October 2, a number of politicians, including former ministers, are residing in government properties as of September 2, beyond the period of the allotment….