Uttarakhand enacts Uniform Civil Code, trampling minorities’ religious - IAMC
Uniform Civil Code

Uttarakhand enacts Uniform Civil Code, trampling minorities’ religious laws

The far-right Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-ruled Uttarakhand state has enacted an anti-minority policy known as the Uniform Civil Code (UCC), becoming the first Indian state to do so. The UCC mandates the formulation of one common law that all religious communities would be forced to adhere to in personal matters such as marriage, divorce, and inheritance, regardless of their religious practice.

Implementing the UCC is a violation of freedom of religion and an invasion in the private lives of citizens, particularly Muslims and Christians, who are already severely marginalized in India. Far from being a step towards progressiveness, the UCC is another avenue for Hindu supremacists to attack and prosecute Muslims and Christians for practicing their faith in their private lives.

Police raid church, arrest pastor and nine others in Uttar Pradesh

Police in BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh raided a church after Hindu supremacists alleged that Christians were forcibly converting Hindus inside. A pastor and nine other members of the Christian community have been arrested under India’s draconian anti-conversion law, which criminalizes conversion away from Hinduism.

Far-right Hindu leaders continue to spread fear against Muslims

In Maharashtra state, Hindu supremacist influencer Kajal Hindustani called for an economic boycott of Muslims at an event organized by the Hindu militant group, Vishwa Hindu Parishad. She also amplified conspiracy theories to demonize Muslims.  

In Gujarat state, a Hindu supremacist monk made derogatory remarks about Muslims and called for taking over two major historic mosques in Mathura and Varanasi. In Uttarakhand state, Hindu supremacist leader Pravin Togadia used Israel’s mass slaughter of Palestinians to stoke fear and hatred against Muslims.