Demolition drive leaves over 110 Muslim, Dalit families homeless - IAMC
Demolition drive in Mumbai

Demolition drive in Mumbai leaves over 110 Muslim, Dalit families homeless

Civic officials in Mumbai bulldozed a number of houses in an area predominantly occupied by Buddhist, Dalit, and Muslim families, leaving 110 families homeless 

Locals reported that the demolition drive took place without any prior notice or humanitarian considerations. The action, deemed illegal by residents and activists, violated laws that mandate due process and rehabilitation for slum dwellers.

Police raid house hosting a Christian prayer meet in Uttar Pradesh

In far-right Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-ruled Uttar Pradesh state, police raided a house hosting a Christian prayer meeting over allegations of forced religious conversion. One Christian individual was arrested under the baseless allegation. 

Raids on churches and prayer meetings have become common under several Indian states’ draconian anti-conversion laws, which criminalize conversion away from Hinduism.

Hindu religious text Bhagavad Gita to be taught to school students in Gujarat

The education body of BJP-ruled Gujarat state has announced that the Bhagavad Gita, a Hindu religious text, will be taught in schools from grades 6 to 12, irrespective of the religious background of the students. 

This move comes amidst nationwide attempts to Hinduize the Indian education system. Last year, India’s federal education body removed numerous sections from textbooks including parts on the Muslim-ruled Mughal empire, democracy, and popular movements.

Amnesty International calls for end to unlawful demolitions of Muslims-owned homes, businesses

Renowned human rights group Amnesty International has called for an immediate end to India’s “unlawful demolitions” of Muslim-owned homes, businesses and places of worship. 

In two recently released reports, the group documented the “punitive demolition” of Muslim properties in at least five states in a hate-motivated campaign against the minority community.