Violence Breaks Out in India's West Bengal Over Muslim Man's Death in Police Custody - IAMC
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Violence Breaks Out in India’s West Bengal Over Muslim Man’s Death in Police Custody

Violence erupted in the Assansol district in India’s West Bengal state on Tuesday after a Muslim man died in police custody, a media report said….

Police in Barakar detained a man named Arnaan Khan on the night of 5 July to investigate his suspected involvement in a theft case. The following day, when Khan’s family members reached the police station to inquire about him, they were informed that he was feeling sick and had been taken to a nearby hospital. At the Assansol District Hospital, the family was told he had passed away, reports said. 

The incident angered locals, who marched to the police station, following which violence erupted…. Since holding assembly elections earlier this year, several instances of Hindu-Muslim violence have erupted.