Why Hindutva Supporters Find Trump's Defeat Hard to Accept - By Nissim Mannathukkaren - IAMC
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Why Hindutva Supporters Find Trump’s Defeat Hard to Accept – By Nissim Mannathukkaren

In the aftermath of the “insurrection” by a pro-Trump mob at the Capitol, the Hindutva ecosystem in India showed a bizarre spectacle: Donald Trump appeared in it as an alien who it has never encountered before until his supporters rampaged through Capitol.

In this new propaganda, the Hindutva firmament seeks to foster an extraordinary amnesia: that it and Narendra Modi has been the greatest cheerleaders of Donald Trump (and by implication, his ideology of White supremacism), both in India and America…. But in this obfuscation focused on trivialities, what is ignored is the complementarity between Hindutva and white nationalism….

The current attempts to distance Modi and Hindutva from Trump and white nationalism are bizarre, but this disavowal is strategic given the global outrage at the Capitol mob. But the ties and history are something that cannot be erased by the whims of those who justify mob rule and reap its dividends, like in Ayodhya 1992 or Gujarat 2002.