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Why those who care about justice in India must pay heed to this book by a retired judge


Book: Anomalies in Law & Justice: Writings Related to Law & Justice

Author: RV Raveendran

Reviewer: Murali Neelakantan

Published: 2021

Price: Rs.1,058.00

Publishers: Eastern Book Company, 1267, Kashmere Gate, Old Hindu College Building, Near Corporation Office Main Gate, Delhi – 110006 Mobile: 09313080904

Can be Had from: https://www.amazon.in/ ;



…. Anomalies in Law & Justice by RV Raveendran…. The author is well known in the legal fraternity as a scholar and deep thinker of law and justice who always tempers academic thought with pragmatism…. The author describes many of the problems that the justice system faces…. This, however, is a telling indictment of the “system” – we know the problems and the solutions, and yet we haven’t done much about them….


The last two chapters in the first part of the book are about corruption and parliamentary democracy. Readers will find Raveendran’s classification of corruption, bribe givers and public servants interesting…. The essay about parliamentary democracy addresses many of the issues that have remained unresolved for many years now – the election process, voting, criminals in politics and impact of money on election results….


The one aspect dealt with in this part of the book that affects everyone is the uncertainty caused by the judiciary. Poor legislation and executive orders are criticised in the first part of the book, and to be fair, this part doesn’t spare the judiciary…. Raveendran clearly articulates his diagnosis and goes on to offer suggestions for both reforms and also incremental changes that can be executed. Will those who care about justice in India pay heed?