'You Are A Dalit, Should Behave Like One', Cops Shouted As They Tortured Me: Nodeep Kaur - IAMC
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‘You Are A Dalit, Should Behave Like One’, Cops Shouted As They Tortured Me: Nodeep Kaur



…Dalit labour rights activist Nodeep Kaur spoke to Outlook about the custodial torture and her resolve to fight for the rights of farmers and workers…. The police arrested me and took me to Kundli police station on January 12. They pulled my hair and dragged me into the van and I was beaten up inside the van also. They slapped and hit me with shoes and sticks on my private parts. I was bleeding heavily after that.


No lady police officers were present at the station. Four policemen sat on me and tortured me. I couldn’t walk for days because of the assault. Later they took me to a police station at Sonipat at night and confined me in quarantine for two days. The torture continued there also. I suffered multiple injuries while in custody….


While torturing me, the police kept saying that I am a Dalit and I should behave like one. “Your job is to clean the gutters. Who gave you the right to organize protests against big people?” I was asked….