Month: July 2009

Indian American group is concerned that AP police may have acted without due process

For Immediate Release
Washington D.C., July 20, 20089

Indian Muslim Council-USA (, an advocacy group dedicated towards safeguarding India’s pluralist and tolerant ethos, is concerned that the Andhra Pradesh police may have acted without due process in transferring custody of the suspect arrested at Hyderabad airport without obtaining a transient warrant from an appropriate court.

According to news from Hyderabad on Jul 19, 2009 Shaukatullah Ghori, was arrested as he arrived at the Rajiv Gandhi International airport on suspicions of his involvement in Akshardham temple attack. News reports quote police that Ghori was immediately handed over to Gujarat state police.

ACHR India Human Rights Report, May 2009

ACHR released its annual report on Human Rights in India on June 25, 2009

Asian Center for Human Rights

India Human Rights Report 2009

May 2009

The Annual Report covers human rights violations in 27 States of India during 2008. In its editorial ACHR focuses on the increased human rights violations in the Naxal conflict. ACHR calls for a Parliamentary debate over the security response to the Naxalite movement, review of all the laws/Acts that provide for prior permission of the government to prosecute the government officials/security personnel to ensure that no prior permission shall be required for corruption and human rights violations; placing of the draft Prevention of Torture Bill 2008 after necessary modifications in consultation with the stakeholders for adoption by the parliament; and ratification of the CAT.

Tehelka Gujarat Expose Reports – Nov 2007

Tehelka Gujarat Expose Reports:

In the fall of 2007 Tehelka, a premium English weekly conducted an undre-cover operation and with hidden cameras in Gujarat. The operation uncovered first-hand accounts from the men who plotted and executed the 2002 Gujarat genocide in Ahmedabad,Vadodara and Sabarkantha. Mayhem was meticulously planned and carried out by VHP Bajrang Dal cadres across Muslim localities.

In this section, you will find the stories reported by Tehelka’s investigative journalists.