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Idols Vandalised in Delhi: Police Detain ‘Miscreant Mahesh’ But Right-Wing Drags Muslims


Hindutva activists and supporters are falsely blaming Muslims for vandalising idols in Karola village of Dwarka in Delhi on Tuesday even though the police clarified that the accused, who was arrested in the case, does not belong to the minority community.


Idols of Hindu gods and goddesses at three temples in the area were vandalised on Tuesday. The police arrested 45-year-old Mahesh, who is the resident of the locality, in the case. According to Dwarka Police, the accused vandalised idols because he was upset due to inadequate rainfall.


“Miscreant Mahesh@ Bhut (45yr), a resident of the same locality, has been arrested in our prompt action. Says he was aggrieved on god due to inadequate rainfall. There is no communal angle in this unfortunate incident,” tweeted Dwarka police….