5 Deaths in Meerut, No FIRs: 'Eyewitnesses Scared to Come Forward' - IAMC
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5 Deaths in Meerut, No FIRs: ‘Eyewitnesses Scared to Come Forward’

The five people he (Meerut-based advocate Riyasat Ali) is legally representing are, Asif, Mohsin, Aleem, Shahid and another man called Asif. All five died from bullet injuries in the violent clashes between UP Police and anti-CAA protesters on 20 December. A total of twenty three people had died across UP due to the bloody confrontation….

Unlike other areas of UP where we did ground reports from, like Bijnor and Kanpur where the minority community seemed scared to speak up, in Meerut they were in pain but remained unafraid. Meerut is the first district of UP where applications were moved by various families in court, to get an FIR registered against the policemen….

Aleem’s brother Salahuddin…. said, “We did not go to them as they would take our evidence away from us, also how other innocent people have been jailed in cases, we would also be locked up in jail. The investigation would have then stagnated.”