Adityanath's New Hitler-Like Rule On Inter-Faith Marriages - By Brinda Karat - IAMC
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Adityanath’s New Hitler-Like Rule On Inter-Faith Marriages – By Brinda Karat

In 1934, Nazi Germany enacted a set of laws that prohibited marriage or sexual relations between “Aryans and Jews.”… Such examples from history come to mind in the light of the outrageous and draconian ordinance adopted by the UP cabinet. 

This is the first of the anti-“Love Jihad” laws which several BJP state governments have declared they will enact. Although the words “love jihad” are not specifically mentioned, the difference between the UP ordinance and the existing stringent and undemocratic anti-conversion laws already existing in at least eight states is that it includes specifically “conversion for marriage.”

The UP Chief Minister has threatened violence against Muslim men married to Hindu women who had converted. He recently said, “I warn those who conceal their identity and play with our sisters’ respect – if you don’t mend your ways, your ‘Ram naam satya’ (chant at Hindu funerals) journey will begin.” With this new ordinance, which is part of the poisonous “love jihad” campaign, what has begun is the Ram Naam Satya of the Indian constitution.