Another Video Emerges From Hapur, Shows 65-Year-Old Man Tortured, Abused For Alleged Cow Theft - IAMC
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Another Video Emerges From Hapur, Shows 65-Year-Old Man Tortured, Abused For Alleged Cow Theft

By: Bobins Abraham

Just days after the video of a 45-year-old man was lynched by a mob in Uttar Pradesh’s Hapur, which the police continue to claim was the result of a motorcycle collision, another disturbing video has surfaced online.

The video, once again from Hapur, shows a man identified as Samiyuddin, being assaulted and made to confess “cattle smuggling”.

The second video, reiterates the allegations by the family of Qasim who died after being assaulted by the mob.

The family had alleged that Qasim was lynched by the mob on suspicion of cattle theft.

In the new video, Samiyuddin who is said to be 65-year-old is seen being roughed up, his beard pulled and made to confess cattle smuggling. He is also seen bleeding from his head.

In the video, unidentified voices can be heard abusing the old man and justifying the attack, terming it ‘punishment for cattle smugglers’.

Samiyuddin who was seriously injured in the assault is still admitted in an ICU.

Samiyuddin’s brother Mohammed Mehruddin siad that they had found him in private hospital lying unconscious on bed with his right hand thumb having blue colour impression.

“We don’t know, what police have used this thumb impression for,” he added.

A fact-finding team said in a statement that before the lynching, an announcement was made from the nearby temple asking people to gather there, as cow killers had been caught red-handed – “which is a repeat of the modus operandi adopted in the Dadri incident where Akhlaq was lynched to death for allegedly consuming beef.

Police, however, say that they are not aware of any such announcement.

The UP Police had to issue an apology after an image of the lynching went viral, which show the mob dragging Qasim’s body in the presences of three cops.