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Choose between Gandhi and Godse – By Anil Singh

Who could have imagined that on his 152nd birth anniversary Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi would have to share the spotlight with Nathuram Godse? The denigration of the man who led the Indian freedom struggle and the glorification of the Hindu zealot who assassinated him has become an industry.


Social media is full of posts cursing and abusing Gandhi. Graduates from the WhatsApp University gleefully forward posts about minutiae from his life to somehow show him in a bad light, the context being immaterial.


Gandhi is blamed for Partition, for the execution of Bhagat Singh, for appeasing Muslims and even for the mess that India is in. Godse, on the other hand, is lauded as a nationalist Hindu, a patriot, a hero who slayed a demon. Even Bhagat Singh would come second to him….