Just as in the Babri Masjid situation, initially it appears as if the shock of the Capitol assaults may reverse the trend of white supremacy that President-elect Joseph Biden and others have called domestic terrorism. But when Congress reconvened, more than half the Republican members of Congress and eight senators voted not to certify the electoral college vote, thus perpetuating a canard. The National Republican Convention reelected the same folks who have been carrying water for Trump, amplifying and perpetuating his half-truths and outright

The rapid decline of American newspapers is robbing us of, among many other things, classic headlines. It took the Times of India—in what remains the world’s great newspaper nation—to really capture the events at the U.S. Capitol last week: “Coup Klux Klan,” it blazed across its front page, communicating the sense of giddy white entitlement, like a picnic at a lynching, that gave the event its distinctive and disgusting tone. Maybe it’s just easier to see reality from a distance. We’re so used to the background noise of

My generation of Indians has often been disappointed in our country, and we have sometimes despaired about the direction it was taking, but it’s been impossible for us to stop hoping. Our own past has trained us to see the silver lining. Opportunities we couldn’t imagine growing up in the 1970s and ’80s emerged from nowhere and changed our lives, and many of us believe history will keep repeating, with the pain of the pandemic shocking the economy out of its pre-Covid inertia. So it breaks my

JULY 24, 2019 15:17 IST The letter also states that the phrase “Jai Shri Ram” has been reduced to a “provocative war cry” The lynching of Muslims, Dalits and other minorities must be stopped immediately, celebrities from various fields have said in an open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi while also stressing that there is “no democracy without dissent”. The letter, written by 49 eminent personalities, including filmmakers Mani Ratnam, Anurag Kashyap, Shyam Benegal and Aparna Sen as well as vocalist Shubha Mudgal and historian Ramchandra

New Delhi| “My name is Rahul Kapoor. I am a Hindu. Hinduism is against all forms of violence. Save India from mob lynching,” when Rahul Kapoor, a social activist from Delhi firmly held this message in his hand while protesting at Jantar Mantar against the mob lynching of Tabrez Ansari in Jharkhand, little did he know that such an identity-based counter-narrative as a form of protest against hate crimes would resonate so much with the masses that it would be seen and shared by millions

Karwan e Mohabbat’s journey of solidarity through a wounded India https://www.facebook.com/KarwaneMohabbat/videos/648287198921042/ KARWAN E MOHABBAT·THURSDAY, JANUARY 31, 2019 There is an evil stalking our land, of hate and fear engineered by cynical politics. As lynchings threaten to grow into a national epidemic, minority communities are learning to endure an intense sense of foreboding – a lurking, unnamed, unspoken fear. This is not simply the apprehension of discrimination, it is the danger of imminent violence, of being vulnerable to attack anywhere – on a public road, in a bus

More than 150 Scientists Appeal to Citizens Let us vote to unify the people. Let us vote to spread the light of reason. April 3, 2019 The upcoming election is a crucial one. It asks for a re-affirmation of the most fundamental guarantees our Constitution gives us: equal rights to faith or lack thereof; culture; language; association; personal liberty and freedom of expression. These rights, even as they accrue to each of us individually, can only exist if they accrue to all Indian citizens — without partiality or discrimination. To defend these rights, we must

Civil rights groups showcase their resolve to counter hate mongering and demand accountability March 18, 2019 Janpatr On Monday 18th March, several civil and human rights organizations came together to organize a day long convention in Delhi’s Constitution Club. The programme titled ‘Steps Towards Hope’ was aimed to take stock of the last four and a half years of the Narendra Modi led Government and the need to strengthen constitutionally mandated citizens’ rights. It was organized by United Against Hate along with PVCHR, PUCL(Delhi), United Christian Forum,