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Communal Harmony: This Muslim-Owned School in Gujarat’s Countryside Shows the Way

Minority education institutions are a dime a dozen in the western Indian state of Gujarat but Dr Nakadar Institute of Knowledge (DrNIK) located in a one-horse town is in a class of its own.

Its largest leafy campus, record results in crucial examinations year after year, up-to-the-minute facilities for down-at-heel children of unlettered parents living in nearby sleepy hamlets, enviable communal concord and enrolment of the highest number of Hindu students for a Muslim-owned school, etc, all set this distinguished phronistery apart from other ho-hum, run-of-the-mill schools….

All said and done, the pacifistic students and teachers of this ‘school of communal harmony’ in Gujarat can surely teach a lesson or two to Hindu and Muslim fanatics in the Prime Minister’s homeland.