Dalit girl gang-raped in Rajasthan, accused linked to RSS - IAMC
Dalit girl gang raped

Dalit girl gang-raped in Rajasthan, accused linked to Hindu extremist outfit

A Dalit minor was gang-raped and her male friend assaulted by three men in Rajasthan’s Jodhpur district. The accused have been linked with the student body of the Hindu paramilitary group Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). 

Muslims booked for praying on the street in Uttar Pradesh

Police in Hindu supremacist BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh booked 25 Muslims and the imam of a mosque for praying on a street. Muslims in Uttar Pradesh have faced repeated incidents of discrimination by the police for offering prayers in both private and public spaces.

BJP leader forcefully shuts down Muslim-owned restaurants 

Hindu supremacist BJP leader Naveen Dhul forced Muslim-owned restaurants in Haryana state that serve non-vegetarian food to be closed, citing an ongoing Hindu festival. He also threatened the shop owners to keep their restaurants closed on all Tuesdays to honor Hindu beliefs. 

A video of Dhul being circulated on social media shows him going from one Muslim-owned restaurant to the next, tailed by other Hindu extremists wielding the flag of the Hindu militant group Bajrang Dal.

Serial hatemonger delivers hate speech in Uttar Pradesh  

Serial hatemonger and editor-in-chief of a rightwing television news network, Suresh Chavhanke, delivered a hate speech at an event in Madhya Pradesh state. In his speech, he targeted Muslims, demonized Rohingya refugees, and peddled false conspiracy theories against Muslims. 

Last year, Chavhanke took an oath along with other Hindu supremacists, vowing to “fight, die for and if need be, kill” to turn India from a secular democracy into a Hindu nation. Recently, he also called for the conversion of 400,000 mosques into temples.