Mayor calls for ban on Muslims purchasing Hindu properties - IAMC
Kanpur mayor calls for ban

Kanpur mayor calls for ban on Muslims purchasing Hindu properties

The mayor of Uttar Pradesh state’s Kanpur city has demanded a new law that would prohibit Muslims from purchasing properties owned by Hindus, and vice versa. The contentious proposal has reignited communal tensions and raised concerns about religious harmony in the city.

During a recent visit to a Muslim-majority area of Kanpur, Mayor Pramila Pandey hatefully claimed that Muslims had a “mentality” about encroaching on Hindu temples, and vowed to put an end to the alleged encroachments. 

Video goes viral of tribal women paraded naked by mob, gang-raped in Manipur

A video has recently gone viral showing horrific case of sexual violence amid ongoing ethnic violence in Manipur state. In the video, two women from India’s marginalized and Christian-majority Kuki tribe can be seen being paraded naked by a mob of men to a paddy field to be gang-raped.

In the video, the men can be seen groping and molesting the women as they cry and plead with their captors. 

Police fire tear gas, shoot at Rohingya refugees protesting illegal detention

In Jammu, police fired tear gas and shot at a group of nearly 200 Rohingya refugees who were on a hunger strike to protest their illegal detention after the Muslim holiday Eid. The victims of the police brutality included pregnant women, disabled people, and the elderly. 

Hindu militants raid Madhya Pradesh church, alleging forced conversions

Members of two violent Hindu militant groups, the Bajrang Dal militia and theVishwa Hindu Parishad, raided a church in Madhya Pradesh state over baseless claims that the churchgoers were forcibly converting Hindus to Christianity.  

Muslim man’s house demolished amid Hindu supremacist DJ music, drums

A Hindu supremacist crowd played DJ music and banged celebratory drums as a Muslim man’s home was demolished in Madhya Pradesh state. The Muslim man is one of three people who have been arrested over claims that a group of minor Muslim boys spat on a Hindu religious procession.

The demolition occurred despite the fact that a police source stated that the incident was “not intentional,” and that “there was a shade cloth installed in the house, preventing the spit from reaching the road where the procession was taking place.”