'Dalit women continue to face atrocities for claiming their rights'  - IAMC
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‘Dalit women continue to face atrocities for claiming their rights’ 




Dalit women continue to face violence due to assertion to access the basic resources of land, water, sanitation facilities, education, and payment of wages, according to a report ‘Dalit Women Rise to Justice: Status Report 2021  by All India Dalit Mahila Adhikar Manch (AIDMAM).


As a part of the report, the case analysed 81 case interventions. Dalit women’s assertion of their right to self-dignity, legal recourse, participation in local self-governance, the assertion of the right to cultural freedom, nexus and collusion of perpetrators with state authorities, retaliation over unsolved disputes, lack of awareness of basic human rights, legal and fundamental rights, and women-related policies, said the report.


The major forms of violence against Dalit women included rape, gangrape, attempt to rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, murder (accompanied by rape, gangrape or kidnapping), witch-hunting, mass attacks with physical assault, loss of lives and property, and social boycott, according to the observations made in the report….