The world's largest protests you've probably never heard of - By Mandeep Rai Dhillon  - IAMC
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The world’s largest protests you’ve probably never heard of – By Mandeep Rai Dhillon 



We are now well into the ninth straight month of strikes and protests by the farmers of India…. She wasn’t the only one who was hurting: These new laws would not only affect farmers, but the price of food and India’s massive informal economy, which engages many millions.


Protests began on a small scale in June in Punjab when the government first rolled out its new agricultural policies…. by early December, 250 million people had participated in a nationwide strike, in a show of solidarity….


At issue are changes to the rules around the pricing, storage and selling of farm produce. Taken together, they would effectively deregulate India’s crop sales and, activists have said, endanger farmers’ livelihoods…. The damage of these farming bills, both inside and outside of the country, could be irreparable….