Legal consequences if mosques hold prayers for Palestine - IAMC

Delhi police threaten legal consequences if mosques hold prayers for Palestine

In a direct infringement on freedom of religion for Muslims, police in the capital city of Delhi have warned local imams not to hold prayers for Palestine amid Israel’s ethnic cleansing, and threatened to take legal action if they do so. The police had previously  intervened when prayers were being offered for Palestine in a mosque in Old Delhi,  where they pressured the imam not to mention Palestine. 

Meanwhile, Hindu extremists have been organizing pro-Israel rallies and religious events without facing any legal action. 

Supreme Court slams Uttar Pradesh’s BJP government handling of classroom slap case

The Supreme Court has slammed the rightwing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government of Uttar Pradesh state for failing to comply with orders passed to ensure the well-being of a Muslim child who was slapped to the point of tears by his classmates under orders from their Hindu supremacist teacher. 

Despite orders that the Muslim child and his classmates should receive counseling, no action was taken by the state’s Education Department to mitigate the extreme harm perpetuated by the teacher, Trapti Tyagi.

BJP leaders deliver anti-Muslim hate speeches in poll bound states

Videos of anti-Muslim hate speech in poll-bound Indian states show far-right BJP leaders using hate speech, disinformation, divisive language, and anti-Muslim dogwhistling in order to gain more Hindu votes.

In Telangana, serial hatemonger and BJP leader T. Raja Singh delivered hate speeches filled with conspiracy theories and overt threats of violence against Muslims. 

In Chattisgarh state, BJP leader and Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma delivered a communal speech, declaring, “We have to build a new India of Ram and Kautliya and not of  Babar and Aurangzeb (Muslim emperors).”

Hindu extremist rallies chant genocidal slogans, display weapons

At a rally organized by the Hindu militant group Bajrang Dal in Farrukhabad, Uttar Pradesh, a crowd of hundreds of armed Hindu extremists chanted genocidal slogans against Muslims. 

“When Muslims are cut down, we will cry Ram Ram,” the crowd chanted while brandishing swords in the presence of police.