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Delhi violence: Man saves pregnant neighbour from unruly mob by claiming she’s his wife

northeast Delhi was embroiled in communal flames, stories of communal harmony and humanity have also emerged from the devastation.

One particular tale is of a Karawal Nagar youth who saved a pregnant neighbour from bloodthirsty mobs by claiming that she is his wife. The two neighbours belong to two different communities but when the youth saw that his eight-month pregnant neighbour was in danger, he immediately told her to put on religious symbols so that they could escape from the violence-hit region.

When the mob asked the man about the woman, he claimed she was his wife, says a report in national daily Navbharat Times. The man managed to escort her from Mahalakshmi Nagar to her relative’s house in Mustafabad where another set of people asked the duo their identity. However, when they learned of the man’s bravery, the ensured he returned back home safely.

According to the report, the two families live across each other and have had familial ties for over 25 years. The daughter-in-law of one family was eight months pregnant.

On February 24, in the thick of violence in northeast Delhi, the woman started experiencing labour pain. But outside their house, a violent crowd was running amok. As her situation worsened, the neighbours came to know and the man, who is also married, brought the pregnant woman to his home.

There he gave her his wife’s clothes and told the pregnant woman to wear them. He then took her to a dispensary in Karawal Nagar but the doctors told him to take her to a hospital. Her in-laws told him to take her to Mustafabad where her relatives live.

When people in Mustafabad came to know of his story, they thanked him for his act of humanity.

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