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George Floyd Moments in India?

Khaki in Dust Storm: Communal Colours, Political Assassinations in 1980s and 1991

Written by Amod K Kanth

Reviewed by Amitabh Srivastava

Published by Bloomsbury Publishing India Pvt. Ltd., DDA Complex, LSC , Building No.4, Second Floor, Pocket C-6&7, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110070 India and

….’Khaki in Dust Storm’ the Police Diaries Part 1 of Amod K Kanth, a highly decorated police officer who handled sensational cases like the death of Indira Gandhi, 1984 riots in Delhi, transistor bomb cases leading to the death of 80 persons, assassination of VIPs like Lalit Maken, Arjun Das, General Vaidya and as DIG investigation with the CBI in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination in 1991 is testimony to this as he goes analyses and criticises the policing system prevalent in the country.

Through his career of 34 years , while following the rules, Kanth has consistently hit out at what he describes as the “vintage Indian Police Act of 1861, made after the First Indian war of independence in 1857, to create a repressive police force, continues to be an archaic and unchanged system.”

Kanth writes in his book of the untiring efforts of IPS officer Prakash Singh that made the Supreme Court to come out with a set of reforms in 2006 for a Model Police Act…. The book is a treasure house of such unknown anecdotes written in a racy manner to attract readers….