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Hindu Cow Vigilante Extremists Kidnap, Brutally Lynch Muslim Man; Burn Body Afterwards

Hindu extremists kidnapped and lynched Mohammad Khaleel Alam, a 35-year-old Muslim man in Bihar state on February 18. Days after kidnapping him, the unidentified Hindu supremacists brutally beat Alam to death, then doused him in petrol and set him on fire. His body was recovered just days after his brother filed a police complaint reporting Alam as missing. 

In a harrowing video taken by the murderers, which is now going viral on social media, Alam could be seen pleading with the Hindu extremists who had kidnapped him to spare his life. The extremists demanded that he disclose the areas where cows were being slaughtered for beef, and also asked Alam whether the Quran permitted eating beef. Alam, speaking out of fear for his life, promised that he would not eat beef in the future. Despite this, he was brutally beaten to death. 

Hindu extremists who murder Muslims in the name of halting beef consumption are known as cow vigilantes. As Hindu extremism continues to grow in popularity, violent attacks and mob lynchings against Muslims on the false allegation that they were buying and consuming beef have grown disturbingly common.   

Indian Actor Imprisoned For Tweeting Criticism Of Karnataka High Court Judge Hearing Hijab Case

Actor Chetan Kumar, a US citizen and a Fulbright scholar, was arrested in Karnataka state for tweeting against Justice Krishna Dixit, who is currently hearing the petition of Muslim students against the unconstitutional ban on hijabs in Karnataka schools.

In his tweet, Kumar questioned why Dixit was hearing the highly sensitive case when he had made “disturbing comments” in the past, referring to a 2020 hearing when Dixit had called the behavior of a rape victim “unbecoming” and dismissed her story as being “difficult to believe.”

Kumar shared a screenshot of Dixit’s remarks on Twitter with the caption, “Justice Krishna Dixit made such disturbing comments in a rape case. Now this same judge is determining whether hijabs are acceptable or not in government schools. Does he have the clarity required?”

Soon after the police cracked down, arresting Kumar for the charges of “intent to incite a class or community to commit offense” and “intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace.”

Journalists and social media users have slammed the police’s action against Kumar, demanding to know the true motive behind the arrest.

“What wrong did [Chetan Kumar] do while opposing Judge Dixit’s statement that he was arrested today? Dixit wrote in his decision that – ‘Sleeping after rape does not suit Indian women!’” tweeted Professor Dilip Mandal, a senior journalist.

Dixit’s victim-blaming comments in 2020 resulted in outrage from several rights groups and law professionals, who labeled him as “regressive” and “misogynistic,” as well as unprofessional for airing his personal opinions rather than listening to the facts of the rape case.   

10-Year-Old Muslim Student In Delhi Refused Entry Into Classroom For Wearing Hijab

Unconstitutional bans on hijab in schools have now spread to New Delhi, India’s capital, where a 10-year-old Muslim student was refused entry into her classroom for wearing the hijab. In a viral video of the incident, a teacher can be seen pulling the young girl out of her classroom and asking her to remove the hijab. The student reported that she was also taunted by the teacher in front of her classmates.

The student’s father, Mohammed Ayyub, said when he questioned the incident, he was told by school faculty that the discriminatory policy was in line with a supposed policy of the Delhi government. 

“The principal first told me that the Delhi government wants all students to dress uniformly and that she was just following orders. When I asked her to say that on camera or show me a legal notice on the same, four teachers who were in the room snatched my phone and heckled me, with the principal watching. They were all women, so I could not do anything,” Ayyub said. 

Former students of the school have confirmed that they used to wear hijab to those same classrooms and were never told to remove their hijabs, revealing the way Hindu extremism and anti-Muslim bigotry has increased sharply in the past few years.

United Arab Emirates Grants Golden Visa To Bigoted Indian Actress Who Supports Hijab Ban

Indian actress Pranitha Subhash was granted a Golden Visa by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), authorizing her to live, work and study in the UAE with 100% business ownership despite her promotion of the misogynistic and anti-Muslim hijab ban in India.

In an op-ed published by First Post, an Indian news publication, Subhash described the hijab as the “outcome of patriarchy” and alleged the role of “shadowy political players” in the controversy. Subhash is a Hindu woman whose bigoted commentary not only reveals her complete ignorance about the hijab and Islamic teachings, but also reveals her disrespect and disregard of Muslim women who are openly protesting for their right to wear the clothing that they are comfortable with. 

Muslims In Karnataka District Attacked By Hindu Extremist Mobs Accuse Police Complicity 

Muslims in Shivamogga district of Karnataka have accused the police of being complicit in an outbreak of anti-Muslim mob violence, during which hundreds of Hindu supremacists attacked the Muslim-majority area over the belief that Muslims had murdered Harsha, a fellow Hindu supremacist.

“[Police] came only after everything was burned to ashes,” said one victim of the violence.

“We have lost our life’s earnings. My two motorcycles were parked in front of the house. They were set on fire. It was purchased with money earned from hard work. Who is going to compensate us for our losses?” said another victim. “All these years, nothing like this ever happened, but suddenly nearly 1,000 men barged into our area like this. All of us are scared. We’re all in shock over what happened here.”

“RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) goons pelted stones and tried to break through our doors. They attacked every Muslim house in the area,” another Muslim resident said. “The mob attacked our locality in front of the police. They called us ‘Muslim goondas (goons)’ and said we’ve murdered Harsha. They attacked our homes, and set fire vehicles and madrasas in the dead of the night. 

“The media is not showing our plight. They’re only focusing on Harsha’s death. Who will show the loss of Muslims? Someone murdered him and now they’re taking revenge on innocent people,” he added.