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Hindu extremist assaults Muslim

Hindu extremist assaults Muslim man in Madhya Pradesh, forces him to lick his feet

A Muslim man was assaulted by Hindu extremists in Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) -ruled Madhya Pradesh state. One of the assaulters forced the victim, Mohsin Khan, to lick his feet while filming the victim’s humiliation. 

The video also shows several Hindu extremists dragging Khan into a jeep and beating him with their shoes.

Dalit man assaulted, forced to lick slipper in Uttar Pradesh

A Dalit man was subjected to humiliation and physical abuse in BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh’s Sonabhadra district. The incident, captured on video, has since gone viral, as a reminder of the persistent issue of caste-based discrimination in India.

During the incident, an electricity department lineman, Tejbali Singh, demanded that the victim, Rajendra, lick his slippers. Following Singh’s command, Rajendra squatted down on his haunches and reluctantly began licking the slippers. The video also revealed that Rajendra was coerced into performing sit-ups while holding his ears, a position meant to convey shame. 

Hindu extremists attack Muslims over suspicion of cattle transport in Rajasthan

A violent mob of Hindu extremists attacked and brutally assaulted Muslims over suspicions of transporting cattle in Rajasthan state. A video uploaded by Sandeep Tanwar, the leader of a cow vigilante militia, uploaded a video on Instagram showing the men being brutally beaten. One of the men is seen bleeding.

Hindu extremist calls for economic boycott of Muslims in Himachal Pradesh

In BJP-ruled Himachal Pradesh state, serial hatemonger and Hindu supremacist leader Kamal Gautam threatened violence against Muslims, urging Hindus to economically boycott Muslims and not indulge in any trade with them. He also boasted about getting a mosque removed in the state’s Bilaspur district. 

Recently, Hindu extremist groups in Himachal Pradesh state gave an ultimatum to Muslims to leave the state within 30 days. The groups have held mass rallies, openly threatening violence against Muslims.

Muslims asked to shut down shops due to Hindu religious ceremony

Officials in BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh state tried to close down Muslim-owned meat shops claiming it could hurt the sentiments of Hindu devotees. Recently, Muslim-owned meat stores forcibly shut down in Noida city due to Hindu devotees passing by the region as part of a religious pilgrimage. 

Muslim man’s building denied registration as locals don’t want a Muslim in their village 

A building owned by a Muslim man was denied registration by Hindu officials because they did not want a Muslim to live in their village. 73-year-old Kasim Mulla had purchased a 4,000-square-foot plot in Maharashtra’s Pune district, over which he had built a structure that needed to be registered. 

However, the application for registration was dismissed. 

“Registration cannot be done because the concerned person is from the religion of Islam,” the officials wrote on the front page of the application. 

When questioned on this decision, the officials claimed, “We never had any Muslim in our village nor do we want one.”

Singer booked over cartoon targeting Hindu militant group’s role in a hate crime

A complaint was filed against folk singer Neha Singh Rathore in Madhya Pradesh state for a tweet that showed a person wearing the uniform of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), India’s most notorious Hindu paramilitary group, while urinating on another person sitting in front of him. The RSS is linked to the ruling Hindu supremacist BJP. 

The tweet was highlighting the similarities between that incident and another shocking case last week, during which a representative of a lawmaker from the BJP urinated on the face of a man from India’s marginalized tribal community.

“A folk artist should question the government by being on the side of the public… I am with democracy,” Rathore had tweeted.